The Books of Jacob, or a Fantastic Journey Across Seven Borders, Five Languages and Three Major Religious Sects, Not Counting the Minor Sects.

Told by the Dead, Supplemented by the Author, Drawing From a Range of Books and Aided by Imagination, the Which Being the Greatest Natural Gift of Any Person.

That the Wise Might Have It for a Record, That My Compatriots Reflect, Laypersons Gain Some Understanding and Melancholy Souls Obtain Some Slight Enjoyment.

By Olga Tokarczuk, Translated by Jennifer Croft

Sections Characters Locations
I. The Book of Fog
I. 1752, Rohatyn Father Benedykt Chmielowski Rohatyn
Elisha Shorr
II. Of Calamitous Leaf Springs and Katarzyna Kossakowska’s Feminine Complaint
Of Blood-Stained Silks
The White End of the Table At Starosta Labęcki’s
III. Of Asher Rubin and his Gloomy Thoughts
The Beehive, or: The Home of the Shorr Family in Rohatyn
In the Beth Midrash
Yente, or: Not a Good Time to Die
What We Read in the Zohar
Of the Swallowed Amulet
IV. Pharo and Mariage
Polonia Est Paradisus Judaeorum
Of the Presbytery in Firlejów and the Sinful Pastor Living in It
Father Chmielowski Tries to Write a Letter to Mrs. Druźbacka
Elźbieta Druźbacka Writes to Father Chmielowski
Bishop Katejan Sołtyk Writes a Letter to the Papal Nuncio